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Why Loyalty?

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Companies that invest in Loyalty are more Profitable than their Competitors.

Acquiring a new customer costs 5 to 10 times more than maintaining a current customer. Having a plan on how to retain, satisfy and surprise this customer during their journey is vital to the survival of any business today.

Loyalty programs offer more return: the average ticket for a new customer is $ 24.50 versus $ 52.50 for a loyal customer

Having a loyalty program brings a number of benefits: </ strong> increases the average customer ticket – loyal customers spend up to twice as much as irregular customers; improves the reputation of the company, encourages the adhesion of new clients, guarantees the permanence of its most loyal customers, and allows the collection of relevant data, which allow to improve the offer of its products and services to the market.

Loyalty programs also allow you to get relevant consumer data based on your tastes and preferences. The capillarity and agility of reward actions allow you to measure and test new products and services.

Loyalty programs help build engagement by providing valuable information about consumers, which is in the segmentation of the market. In addition, the strategy also helps businesses on the consumer journey, creating important milestones.

In addition to geomarketing technologies, loyalty programs can also offer their customers relevant offers, according to the customer’s location, expanding the shopping basket, and increasing the volume of the portfolio.

Strategic Information

Loyalty programs are a key instrument of consumer engagement. This is because mass marketing programs (such as traditional advertising) are no longer effective in an era in which consumers have constant access to information and are bombarded by more and more personalized product and service offerings.

Acquiring a new consumer costs 6 to 7 times more than retaining a customer

Returning customers spend twice as much as customers who first contact your company

Loyalty programs increase customer retention by 2% - and have the same effect of reducing costs by 10%.


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