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Be Free to Manage Tour Customer Relationship.

Loy Sci’s engagement platform is based on three concepts: fun, socialization and feedback. Gamification enables operationalization of retention strategies through challenges, rankings, knowledge and storytelling, creating a rich client experience.


– Insights on customer preferences

– Challenges

– Creating interactions with a greater level of depth between brands and consumers

– Offering a richer consumer experience

– Customer Experience Management

– Customized feedback for users

– Gain of word of mouth through socialization and organic dissemination in social media


Gamification makes the customer happy to communicate with their favorite brand. Consumers have the opportunity to win prizes and be recognized for interaction, as well as competing with other users.


Gamification strategies also include the ability to share achievements with friends via social media and thereby gain more recognition. An important aspect is the healthy competition that is created, increasing the power of the relationship between people – this interaction occurs naturally during involvement with gamification.


Players are informed of all developments and achievements within the game. At any point they are motivated to continue, because gamification is based on positive emotions. The user feels valued, and their motivation to conquer new challenges only grows.