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Power to your Customer.

Empowering your customer is the key to any successful engagement or loyalty program.
Your customer decides when, where, and how to interact with your brand, and we deliver experience and reward.

70% of the shopping experience is based on consumer perception of how it is treated

LoySci was born with the purpose of bringing to the Latin American market a unique experience in loyalty programs. Headquartered in Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico, the company added the technology with the market vision of industry giants to develop a tool capable of meeting the needs of Latin American consumers.

Our goal is to offer companies the possibility to build more profitable and loyal relationships, through the enrichment and optimization of each interaction, from acquisition and commitment to the transaction and the reward of consumers.

For businesses, a well-structured loyalty program offers the consumers’ necessary knowledge to make smarter business decisions and build relevant and long-term relationships and reward models.

The tool developed by LoySci offers sophisticated analytical models extracted from the experience of its clients, which allows to generate an accurate knowledge about its consumers.

The result of this, in addition to valuable insights, is the creation of loyalty programs that will influence the buying behavior of their consumers.

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